Compassionate Climate Workshop (Virtual)

March 19-21, 2021 (5 hours each day)

Facilitated by Gustav Böll and Rask Wanscher

Offered by the Center for Systems Awareness


Are you committed to spark profound changes to help our planet?

Do you believe the changes needed have to be grounded in fundamentally different ways of thinking and feeling than what is currently dominant ? And that to combat climate change and mass extinctions we need to fundamentally change the systems in which we operate?

Then this workshop is for you.

The world we live in is changing ever more rapidly and as a result, we are confronted with great and alarming challenges that call for sustainable solutions. Whether it is fighting climate change, achieving racial equity or increasing crossboundary migration flows, these are parts of interconnected, global systems.

When fighting and engaging with these issues, we begin to sense the unfathomable reality of our situation, which can lead to burnout, emotional disconnect and stress. Instead of letting these reactions take over, we need to cultivate our emotional understanding and develop our personal mastery. We need to transform the way we collectively act, feel and think in order to achieve profound and long lasting change.

At the Center for Systems Awareness, we have developed the Compassionate Systems Framework, which aims at cultivating compassionate leaders who are ready to take an active part in transforming the world for the better. Through a concrete set of tools and practices, the Compassionate Systems Framework can help you to shift the way you interact with others and navigate in the world.

Having used the framework in schools around the world for nearly a decade, we have seen a need to train young people engaged in (or interested in) climate activism.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Rask Wanscher at


Youth Coach, Center for Systems Awareness
Youth Coach, Center for Systems Awareness