Zishan Jiwani

Design Assistant

Zishan works with the Center for Systems Awareness as a Design Assistant where he supports the development of a community platform for compassionate systems practitioners.

Prior to joining the Center for Systems Awareness, Zishan’s passion has been to develop service delivery systems that create value for communities in need. He most recently led the Public Governance team at the Central Square Foundation (CSF) where he worked with state governments in India to support the development of sustainable, self-organizing education systems that serve children going to government schools. Prior to CSF, Zishan worked with the research and design team at Bridge International Academies, a chain of 500 low-cost schools in five countries, where he used a combination of behavioral insights research and design thinking to revamp the school management structures. Zishan has also worked with One Acre Fund, an agricultural microfinance, where he served as the Uganda Country Manager.

Zishan has studied economics and international relations at Seton Hall University and designing for social systems at Stanford University.