Yenifer Nahar

Student of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing
Southeast Asia Hub: Indonesia Site | INDONESIA


Hi! I’m Yenifer.

Love of learning is my top strength, and it energizes my motivation for expanding knowledge in areas contributing to the promotion of positive relationships, improving our integration with nature and exploring its impact on society.

I treasure the memories of my childhood in Venezuela, being curious about the world and making mud pies in my backyard. I discovered growth and friendship in Porto, Portugal. Most importantly, I am blessed with sharing my life with my better half David, and I’m a proud grateful mamá of two extraordinary human beings and a four-legged furry – Master healer – bundle of joy.

I share the belief that to successfully manage and navigate our way through the world, we need to consider the many multi-layered systems that form part of our daily life, knowing that different actions can have varying consequences, where strategies are aimed to shape fully thriving environments and resilient communities.

My professional background includes world-class hospitality, international education, and diplomatic and military culture. I can communicate in English, Spanish and Portuguese. I’m currently a student for the Diploma on Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Reading about neuroscience, doing creative calligraphy and savouring nature during mindful walks bring out my zest for life.

I hope to contribute to the widespread of initiatives supporting human flourishing, with meaning and engagement in life, where gratitude, social intelligence and compassion are considered cornerstones for cultivating positive workplace relationships and personal growth, and where skills, attitudes, and habits increase life balance and wellbeing.