Liz Freedman

Principal | Greater Lawrence Technical School
Massachusetts Site | USA

Liz Freedman is in her twelfth year as principal of Greater Lawrence Technical School, a public regional technical school serving Lawrence, Methuen, Andover and North Andover in Andover, Massachusetts.

She has been fortunate to work with a team to lead a comprehensive set of school improvement efforts that resulted in the school moving from Level 3 underperforming school to a Level 1 school; while this has been great progress, they know they still have work to do to help students succeed beyond what they can currently imagine.

Most recently, Liz helped spearhead the creation of the STEAM Innovation Program, a transdisciplinary, project-based initiative that integrates academic and career education. She holds a masters in Counseling and Education Leadership and previously held positions as assistant principal, school adjustment counselor and English Language (EL) teacher.

She lives in Boston with her husband and two children who take her breath away on a regular basis. She loves to travel and explore, read and more recently practice yoga.

She was part of the first Compassionate Systems Masters Practitioner Cohort and found what she was looking for in regards to inspiration to help her students, their families, her community and beyond connect with/to being part of making this world a kinder place. Being part of the Compassionate Systems community has impacted her profoundly both personally and professionally. While she feels she still has so much to learn, her work with Compassionate Systems has helped her feel a much deeper sense of gratitude and connection in all aspects of her life.