Gregory Haas

Assistant Principal | Greater Lawrence Technical School
Massachusettes Site | USA


Gregory Haas is currently an Assistant Principal at Greater Lawrence Technical School (GLTS) in Andover, Massachusetts. GLTS is a public, regional, vocational school that serves the communities of Andover, Lawrence, Methuen, and North Andover. He has been at GLTS since 2008, beginning his career as a history teacher. During his time there he has been a member of the Instructional Leadership Team, School Council, and various other committees working with colleagues to develop strategies that support the diverse needs of learners. Greg has also worked with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as a member of the Principal’s Advisory Cabinet, a participant in the Diversity Network, and a member of several Educator Preparation review teams.

Greg lives in Derry, New Hampshire with his partner and numerous animals which keep him grounded, but very busy at the same time. He has a passion for traveling, be it short visits to the White Mountains for camping and hiking, or longer trips to Europe or the Caribbean. Travel provides Greg an opportunity to experience different cultures and customs, on top of being able to explore cultural and historic sites, something that sparked his early interest in history and social sciences.

As a Center for Systems Awareness project site, Greater Lawrence Technical School has been working with the Compassionate Systems framework, supporting faculty and students to see the interconnectedness of independent experiences. Greg’s goal in participating in the Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners is to further develop “systems awareness” in order to not only support the efforts underway at GLTS, but to grow as an individual.