Butch Koltai

Elementary Vice Principal and Community Educational Outreach Coordinator
Jakarta Intercultural School
Southeast Asia Hub | INDONESIA

Butch Koltai is an elementary Vice Principal at Jakarta Intercultural School located in Jakarta, Indonesia. In addition to helping lead the development of the elementary program, Butch also serves as the school’s Educational Community Outreach Coordinator working to improve education in Indonesia by sharing international research-based teaching and leadership practices in partnership with the Indonesian educational community.

Butch is highly interested in how individuals construct meaning over time, the role that personality and autonomy plays in a person’s development and how different theories and models can help us understand and communicate with each other better as we all take our personal journey along the developmental continuum. As a result, Butch spends a lot of time reading, thinking about and discussing different theories and models connected to personal and societal transformation such as Constructive Developmental Theory, Transactional Analysis, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to name a few.

Butch is hoping to spend this year learning more about the mindsets, processes, and tools connected with the Compassionate Systems Framework in order to further cultivate compassion in his local community and to do his small part in helping nudge the world towards a kinder, more just place for all to enjoy.