Annie Johanson

Project Manager | Rødovre Municipality
Denmark Hub | DENMARK

To me everything is about relations. In my personal life and in my work life. I find that the realization of potential is completely dependent on all individuals together. In my consulting work, I always have these voices with me. The last two years I have been working on project about young people’s involvement and strengthening of young people’s viability. It is in co-creation with others that one becomes wiser about oneself.

I am married and have three grown children. They are in the process to find out who they are, and are either studying at the University of Copenhagen or planning to travel around the world again – when the world opens up again.

I use my outgoing side at work, and the introvert side enjoys the peace in nature with my beautiful dog. I am in the process, curios and really looking forward to meet the world of Compassionate Systems Master Practitioners.