Ali Alhourani

Senior Education Pedagogy Specialist | Save the Children Jordan
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Ali Alhourani works as Senior Education/Pedagogy Specialist in the Save the Children organization in Amman, Jordan.

Ali has eighteen years of experience in the teaching and training fields. Most of his experience is in coaching teachers on modern teaching strategies and how to plan and conduct effective learning sessions for students, in particular with schools which have refugee students.

He is interested in determining how to offer high quality teaching processes for students, either Jordanian or refugees. Ali believes that the Compassionate Systems Master Practitioner Certification Program will give him additional skills, knowledge and tools to help him to support teachers and support him in the classroom.  Save the Children Jordan is on the ground – every day and in times of crisis. They believe that every child deserves a future, and they work to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm.